Kitchener-Waterloo, ON


Club History

The Kiwanis Club of Kitchener-Waterloo (KW Kiwanis) was chartered as one of 7,700 clubs in 80 countries in 1921. Our motto is "Serving the Children of the World".

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History: A work in progress - we have completed to 1991

1921               Chartered March 7 and received April 22, 1921, with 45 charter members. The meetings in 1921-22                            were held at Cupids Inn, second floor, corner of King and Ontario Streets.

1922               Began boys work at camp in Bridgeport.

1923               Moved to YMCA

1924               Leased Paradise Lake as a campsite
                         Meeting location moved to Walper House

1925               Camp in full swing, 450 boys and 75 girls in dining  tents and bell

1927               Optioned and leased Paradise Lake Camp; 45 Kiwanians built the dining hall

1931               Held a Kiwanis Jollies Minstrel Show at the Star Theatre. It became very popular and was continued                          for a few years as fund-raising project.

1935               462 boys and girls attended camp

1937               Kiwanis signs erected at entrances to city

1938               Purchased the camp from John Kaufman, 23.9 acres for $2868.00

1940               Club incorporated for legal purposes. Walter P. Zeller, Governor from Montreal, (a former Kitchener boy) installed Lou Buckley and his board on Jan 10.

1944               Decided to build house for raffle- purchased lot on Glasgow St.

1945               Completed Kiwanis home- netted $57,000
                         New dining and recreation hall built at camp

1946               Bought 20 acres plus (remainder of farm) of camp property from E. Shute for $8750.00

1947               Formed a glee club    

1949               Bought the Crawford cottage for $7391.00. Planted 2400 trees at the camp under the direction of                              Wilf Schneller and Art Boegel.

1950               Kiwaniqueens started fashion show

1951               Started the builder drive to raise money- $5900 that year from house-to-house visitation.

1952               Kiwanians oust heckling pig. The beribboned, diapered pig was presented to Stephan Jones,                                       manager of the Kitchener Chamber of commerce, at a noon luncheon in the Crystal Ballroom of the                         Walper House by Kiwanian Bill Ball. The pig interrupted the guest speaker, T.R. Hillard, Toronto                                   Director of Extension for the Ontario Department of Agriculture by Oink! Oink! Oink! Squee! And                                 finally he stopped talking and asked “Will someone please remove my opposition?”

1954               Dr. Dalt Messersmith was president. Club took over the Sponsorship of the Waterloo County Music                            Festival (today over 10,000 participants)

1955               Organized first Circle K Club at Waterloo College

1957               Charlie Henderson organized a “Build-a-thon”-at the camp

1958               Membership now 142. Club sponsored the Twin Cities Kiwanis Club.

1959               Operation Drug Alert was our 59 objective

1961               106 members out at one meeting. Raised and sold Birds of Paradise (pheasants) – oversold by 165                              brace

1963               Chartered Circle K club at U. of W. Don Smith formed Kiwanis band.

1964               Sponsored a Career Exposition headed by Ken W. Smith - over 10,000 students attended. It was so                              successful, we decided to hold another in 1966. Ken was a remarkable organizer had his hand in the                          formation of the newer clubs, was district Governor for two terms and a past International Trustee.

1966               Raised and sold pheasants at camp.

1969               Was a 9-month term. Kiwanis International changed the year to “October 1 to September 30”. Lloyd Lougheed was labeled the “pregnant” President.

1971               Our Club with the Twin Cities Club hosted the E.C & C. District Convention with over 1200 in                                          attendance

1973               YMCA took over operation of Camp. The Meals on Wheels program was initiated under the                                          chairmanship of Harold Cumming, who chaired a committee searching for a much needed                                          community project and won an International Award. Joint meeting with Rotary with Premier Bill                                Davis as speaker.

                        Donated $1500 to Jamaican Vocational School.

1974               Sponsored the Elmira Club
                        Howard Parliament, in his year as president, earned the Club honors from the International                                           Committee on Achievement by getting the ‘Honorable Mention Club in Single Service, Diamond                               Section” for our Meals on Wheels project. Meals on Wheels was started with 45 daily deliveries. It                               grew to over 180 meals a day. Carl Hennigar was chairman for 11 years. He was honored as the                                   outstanding district Kiwanian of the year.

1975              Started Sweethearts Ball proposed by Jim Ainsworth          

1977              Sponsored Rockway Club

1979               Sponsored Laurel Club. Moved our noon meeting place from the Walper Hotel to the Conestoga                                Inn
                        First visit of an International President, Hilmar Bill Solberg, May 23/79 Sweethearts Ball profit                                       $2330.00

1981               Built two double cottages at camp

1982               Kitchener-Waterloo Kiwanis Clubs hosted the E.C. & C. district Convention under the chairmanship                            of Jerry Leyes. Also raffled a car and made $5400.

1985               Club made over $40,000 sponsoring Bingo on Wednesday nights. Purchased home for $80.000                                    along with Twin Cities Club for use by House of Friendship for “street kids” (male) known as Kiwanis                          House - 85 Wilhelm St. Kitchener Entertained International President Don Williams in May, 1985.

1987               Sponsored a 4H Club again and an Air Cadets squadron in 1988.   

1989               Provided financial support for Marillac Place, a shelter for women located in Madison Ave. South                               and for ROOF (reaching Our Outdoor Friends)
                        Tim Dineen & the late Bob Bornhold were recipients of the Mel Osborne  award from the Kiwanis                               Canadian Foundation in recognition of the years of Kiwanis service at the local area levels.

                        The club enjoys a “Happy Fine” scenario at each noon luncheon. This is accomplished by the                                       Kiwanians standing up and stating why they are happy and putting their money in the fine box. This                         innovation has created a great deal of fun by member participation as well as raising a fair amount                           of money for the administrative account.

1990               Made a donation in support of Parents Are People Too. Dr. Ken W. Smith was elected International                           Vice-President at the international Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, June 24/90

1991               Under the presidency of Dr. Malcolm Shantz, the club is reaching out to new groups requiring                                      financial assistance. The 1991 theme of Kiwanis is “Young Children - Priority One”. The club is                                      pursuing a suitable project to meet this challenge.